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Ypsilanti Community Schools

Source:Scott Menzel/Laura Lisiscki Meet With YCS Middle School Staff Thursday

According to an anonymous source WISD/YCS Superintendent Scott Menzel and YCS Associate Superintendent Laura Lisiscki surprised the staff at the Ypsilanti Community School Middle School-Willow Run Campus Thursday by holding what was termed a questions and answers discussion with the teaching staff over the issue of overcrowding and concern for safety at the middle school. […]

YCS Teacher Reports Trouble At Middle School

An Ypsilanti Community Schools middle school teacher contacted Purple Walrus Press Thursday afternoon with allegations of trouble at the new YCS Middle School – Willow Run Campus. ¬†According to the unnamed source, not only is the new middle school over-crowded, but it is also violent. Here is a list of the allegations made to Purple […]

Ypsilanti Community Schools Forum: Same Spiel, Different Night

I attended the Ypsilanti Community Schools Public Forum at the Ypsilanti Senior/Community Center Tuesday night and got what I expected: Blah, blah, blah: Same old spiel, different night. Washtenaw Intermediate School District president, Scott Menzel, gave the typical song and dance routine about the district’s commitment to having “effective leaders at all levels”, commitment to […]

Straight Dope: Ypsilanti Community Schools Board Meeting: Morale? Teachers Living in Culture of Fear!

There was an awful lot of talk about district pride, school morale, commitment and moving forward at last night’s joint Ypsilanti/Willow Run School Board meeting, but teachers were forgotten, which, by the way, is no surprise. Let me say that I arrived home from covering the school board meeting to another anonymous comment, Purple Walrus […]

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